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How to Boost Self-Confidence After Divorce


After you have wrapped up your divorce and moved away from your ex to start your own life, it can be difficult to move on past your marriage and redefine who you are. Although you weren’t a completely different person when you were married, things will be different now that you are divorced.

During this transition phase, it is important to be aware of the things that can shape your self-image and self-confidence. Being in a long term relationship plays a significant role on the way we see ourselves.  This is why it is important to re-examine your self-worth after your divorce. In this blog, we explain what you can do to boost your self-confidence after divorce.

What Are Your Positive Traits & Accomplishments?

You should make a list of all you have accomplished in life, as well as all the traits that your loved ones like about you. While you might not really believe these things right after your divorce, having a list of these things to look at every now and then can help you maintain positive thoughts. Read your list every morning while you get ready for the day, this way you will leave your house with a strong sense of self-confidence.

What Is Your Personal Story?

Write about your personal story and how you have grown as a person both during and since your marriage. What have you learned about yourself? What are your expectations for future relationships? What new things do you want in your life? Answering these questions will help you identify the areas in your life that need to change.

What Are Your Unique Skills?

You should try new activities or tasks that give you the opportunity to showcase or learn your unique skills. Working hard at something meaningful that you want to accomplish is a great way to build your confidence. If you have athletic skills, hone them by playing more sports. If you enjoy baking, try using a more complicated recipe the next time you make a cake. Using and honing your unique skills will give you the confidence you need to accomplish your goals.

What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be After Your Divorce?

Your perception of your future as a divorcee will have a major impact on how you approach what we discussed above. As experienced family law attorneys, we have seen countless clients bounce back from the lowest points in their lives by making the commitment to build their self-confidence. Be deliberate when approaching the goals you set after your divorce and form good habits that will help you reach your mark. Remember, you have more control over your daily life than you might think, and our compassionate legal professionals are here to assist you.

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