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Stories of False Accusations Ruining Lives

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Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to go on social media without seeing stories of sexual assault allegations. It’s good that more victims are coming forward with their stories, but some people are taking advantage of the attention that accusations of sexual misconduct bring about. As a result, false accusations of sexual assault are arguably more common than ever before. Here are some stories of false accusations that have ruined the lives of the accused.

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Stories of False Accusations

Backpack Bump

In October of 2018, a young boy was accused of sexual harassment by a New York woman more than triple his age. While shopping with his mother, the boy walked past the woman and accidentally bumped her with his backpack. The boy didn’t realize that his backpack had brushed the woman, but the next moment the woman was accosting him with accusations of sexual harassment. The woman eventually called the police, forcing the boy to state what happened. A few days later, a CCTV recording was released that proved the boy’s innocence. If the video hadn’t been captured, the boy could still be under scrutiny to this day.

Connecticut College Accusation

In 2016, two young men were accused of sexual assault by another student. The girl fabricated the story of sexual assault after having consensual relations with the two men, stating she made up the story to prevent losing a love interest. This accusation made the men lose their football scholarships and get expelled from school. Fortunately, the woman-owned up to her false accusation, and she was sentenced to a year of jail time.

Washington Police Accusation

In July of 2018, a Washington woman formally accused two police officers of sexual assault. After months of thorough investigating, both men were cleared of the accusations, but not before their lives were changed forever. One officer was placed on leave until he was cleared a few months later, the other officer was charged for the accusation, and spent 49 days in jail as a result. During this time, the officer split with his wife, resigned from his job, and was forced to sell his house; all because one woman targeted him with false accusations of sexual assault.

The right criminal defense attorney can help someone fight against false charges. If you’re currently facing sexual assault charges and need assistance with your case, know that Patrick Mulligan & Associates is here for you! Call (937) 685-7006 today to discuss your case!