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After a divorce or separation, ex-spouses with shared children must continue to look out for the best interests of their children. Child support is designed to provide healthy living conditions for shared children daily. Because there are various laws to protect the welfare of children after divorce, child support matters are taken very seriously.

At L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC, our Dayton child support attorneys work hard to protect the rights of families. Because we are passionate about providing safe living conditions for your children, we do our best to pursue the child support you deserve.

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Child Support in Ohio

​ Like visitation and child custody issues, child support can cause a parent to suffer emotional fatigue. However, once the court has determined the amount of child support the other parent should pay, that parent, the obligor, becomes obligated to help the custodial parent, the obligee, provide healthy living conditions for the child.​​child support lawyer Dayton Ohio

In Ohio, the court usually determines the amount of child support an obligor should pay by considering the following:

  • The amount of time each parent spends with the shared children
  • The imputed (actual) income of each parent

Because obtaining the right amount of child support can be difficult, it is crucial to seek experienced legal representation immediately. A seasoned Dayton child support attorney can determine the amount of child support the obligee should receive and ensure that person does not accept less than the amount it would cost to raise shared children in healthy living conditions with adequate resources.

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