Case Results

A Track Record of Success

We are proud to have a proven track record of success in defending clients accused of serious criminal offenses in Dayton, Cincinnati, and throughout the state of Ohio. Our criminal defense attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience; we know the criminal justice system and we know how to effectively fight for you, your rights, and your freedom. Browse some of our recent case results here or, if you need to speak to a criminal defense attorney in Dayton or the surrounding areas, contact L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC today. We proudly represent the accused in Hamilton, Brown, Allen, Clermont, Warren, Montgomery, and Butler Counties.

  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor with Probation
    Attempted Murder
    Client was charged as a result of a stabbing that was caught on video. The case lasted over a year and after developing our theory to the case the prosecutor was convinced to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor with probation.
  • Time Served and 1 Year Supervised Release
    Conspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute
    We recently represented a woman initially charged in Federal Court with Conspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute 2 kilos of Fentanyl, which carries a mandatory minimum 10 years to Life sentence. After working the case, she eventually entered a plea to Use of a Communication Facility in the Furtherance of a Drug Felony, which carries a statutory maximum sentence of 4 years. Today, at sentencing, she received a sentence of time served and one (1) year of Supervised Release. The time served amounted to 6 days.
  • Not Guilty
    Failure to Comply with an Order or Signal of a Police Officer (Fleeing & Eluding) a third degree felony.
    Our client passed an officer doing 141 mph on a motorcycle going east on State Route 36 out of Urbana, 1.5 miles from the Union County line. Officer radioed ahead to Union County and client pulled over when he saw the flashing lights. The issue at trial was whether the client saw the lights or heard the siren in Champaign County and then willfully fled the officer.
  • Reduced to a Misdemeanor with Probation
    Felonious Assault

    Client was charged with Felonious assault and was looking at years in prison. We were retained after a plea to a felony was refused by the judge. At the day of trial and after reviewing the evidence and negotiating with the prosecutor the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor with non-reporting probation.

  • Not Guilty
    Felony Domestic Violence

    Client was charged with felony domestic violence because he had a prior Domestic Violence conviction. After a thorough review of the medical records and the fact that medical attention was not sought until 3 days after the so-called incident, it was determined a bench trial was the best alternative. At the conclusion of the State’s case the judge made a finding of Not Guilty by granting a Rule 29 motion, which resulted in our client not having to testify.

  • Not Guilty Verdict

    WHIO 7 Local News covers our latest criminal defense case. After being charged with murder, we got our client to win the case with a Not Guilty verdict.

    Click here to view the channel report.

  • Dismissed
    Client arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence. Set case for trial and on the day of trial we successfully argued that the State destroyed crucial evidence and the case was dismissed.
  • Reduced Jail Time
    Our client was charged with nine counts of rape for incidents that happened between 1988 and 1991. The original sentence was for 99 years to life in prison but we were able to get this reduced to 7 years and will serve less than 5 years after jail time credit.
  • Not Guilty
    Sexual Imposition
    At a jury trial in the Dayton Municipal Court, the jury found our client Not Guilty on two counts of Sexual Imposition. Since he was found not guilty he will not have to register as a sex offender for the next 15 years.
  • Not Guilty
    Sexual Imposition of a Minor
    The client was charged with Sexual Imposition of a Minor in Cincinnati Ohio. The case proceeded to trial. We provided a successful defense and our client was found Not Guilty on all charges. Thus saving our client from possible jail time and sex offender registration for 15 years.
  • Entry of Acquittal
    Theft & Unauthorized Use of Property

    The client was a roofing contractor who was charged with Theft and Unauthorized Use of Property in Butler County Ohio. We chose to try the case to the bench (no jury) and at the conclusion of the state’s case and prior to even presenting our case, Judge Stephens dismissed the case pursuant to Rule 29 of the Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure and signed an Entry of Acquittal.

  • Not Guilty
    Weapons Under Disability, Possession of a Dangerous Ordnance

    Client was charged with Weapons Under Disability, Possession of a Dangerous Ordnance, and a six (6) year gun specification for knowingly being in possession of an automatic weapon. The client had a prior record and was in possession of a gun. Our position was the client did not know the gun was an automatic firearm and therefore should not receive a six-year prison term on top of the Weapons Under Disability charge. The case proceeded to a bench trial and the court found him Not Guilty of the Possession of a Dangerous Ordnance charge as well the six-year gun specification.