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My Ex-Partner Isn’t Meeting Their Child Support Agreement, Now What?

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Going through a divorce is excruciating enough but the situation can become even more intense for parents who have an ex-partner who is not meeting their financial child support agreement. Thankfully, Ohio law states steps can be taken should a parent not meet their financial obligation.

Enforcing Child Support

Every county in Ohio has a Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). If a parent is not providing their required payments, the CSEA can take one or multiple actions.

Garnishing Income

A parent’s paycheck from their employer could be garnished should the parent not meet their financial obligation. Other income that can be garnished include:

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Disability benefits
  • Money from a pension
  • Lottery winnings

Bank Account and Income Tax Withdrawals

The CSEA does have the authority to retrieve money from the bank account of the non-compliant parent. Additionally, the CSEA can withdraw money from a potential income tax refund should the obligated parent fail to make their child support payments.

Property Lien

A lien can be attached to a property if a parent is not paying their financial obligation.

License Suspensions

Whether it be a driver’s license, commercial license, professional or recreational license, all of these have the potential to be revoked should a parent not make their child support payments. Having a suspended driver’s, commercial or professional license could impact the parent’s ability to work.

My Ex Claims They Can’t Find Work

Sometimes, an ex-partner will say they can not make their financial child support obligation due to the lack of being able to find work. If this is the case, the CSEA can intervene and ask a judge to submit an order requiring the non-custodial parent to apply for a certain amount of jobs or be required to look for work.

Having a Dedicated Child Support Attorney Fight for You

Making requests to the CSEA on your own can be an additional task you may not want to take on. Let the team at L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC help you and your child or children get your life back on track by letting our dedicated child support attorneys work on your behalf. Our team has helped countless parents get the child support their children deserve.

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