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Unexpected Impacts of an OVI Conviction

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Getting an OVI is no big deal, right? Unfortunately, that’s typically not the case. Even an OVI charge can have immediate and long-term consequences. A conviction, though, can lead to punishments much more severe.

While one would expect that an OVI conviction impacts their driving privileges, there are other personal and professional outcomes that some may not consider.

Personal Impacts


Should you tell your friends about your OVI? You don’t have to, necessarily, but what if your OVI conviction leads to a home-monitoring bracelet, jail time, no driving privileges, or additional consequences? It could then be awkward when a friend asks you to go out and you are trying to go around the fact that you aren’t able to because of a consequence of your OVI conviction. Additionally, if you’re required to attend a Weekend Intervention Program as part of your sentence, you might have to share why you can’t attend a function with friends the weekend you’re gone.

If you choose to tell your friends about your OVI conviction, what other impact may that have? Will they judge you differently because of your mistake? Will you lose friends who believe you should have made different choices? Will they question you anytime they see you with an alcoholic drink again?

These are all common questions to consider when telling friends about your OVI conviction.


Similar to relationships with friends, how will your relationships with family members change? How involved do you want your family to be with your conviction? If your driving privileges are suspended, will you rely on family members to take you to work or elsewhere? What potential consequences could arise if you don’t tell family members?

This may not be an issue for those who are not close to your relatives. For those close to relatives, this could bring up unwanted attention at family gatherings or questions about your drinking habits that you don’t feel comfortable answering.

Social Life

Also in connection with friendships and family relationships, how will an OVI conviction impact your social life? Will you have to skip certain events because you can’t drive there, or will you feel self-conscious if you have an alcoholic beverage and someone at the event knows you have an OVI conviction? Even after the conviction and consequences play out, someone with an OVI on their record may be subjected to these feelings when out at an event.

Professional Impacts

Job Qualifications

There are many jobs where an OVI conviction will automatically disqualify you from being a candidate. Many employers require candidates to disclose any misdemeanor or felony convictions. OVIs in Ohio are typically considered a misdemeanor unless there are outstanding circumstances. While your sentence is still considered a driving violation, you must also disclose it as a criminal offense.

Additionally, if you have a job requiring you to drive or transport materials, an OVI conviction could lead to you either having to quit your job or being suspended from your previous role.

Some jobs that an OVI charge or conviction could immediately impact include:

  • Semi-truck drivers;
  • Bus drivers;
  • Government positions; and,
  • Education occupations.

Professional Reputation

Whether you can keep your current job with an OVI conviction, seek a new job, or are recruited for a new position, your professional reputation will be on the line if others become aware of your legal matter.

Another way your reputation could be on the line is if you own a business. Customers who learn about your OVI conviction may decide to take their business elsewhere. This could severely impact your livelihood and if you have others living with you, their livelihood as well.

Keep an OVI Conviction Off Your Record

As you can see, an OVI conviction can lead to serious personal and professional repercussions. If you are charged with an OVI, you should immediately contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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