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What is Ohio's Weekend Intervention Program?

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Nothing good can come from operating a vehicle impaired (OVI). It can result in serious criminal charges, including a possible felony. Even worse, you could cause physical harm to an innocent person or yourself.

If you’re facing an OVI charge, it’s important to contact an experienced OVI attorney. It’s your best bet for getting through this situation unscathed. If this is your first OVI, the court may allow you to participate in a program that educates drivers on traffic safety and substance abuse. By participating in this program, you’ll be able to avoid Ohio’s mandatory three-day jail term for OVI offenders.

Ohio’s Driver Intervention Program (DIP): How Does It Work?

Purpose and Benefits

The primary purpose of the program, which is sometimes called the “Weekend Intervention Program,” is to fulfill your legal obligations and avoid jail time. If you pay attention and give it your all, you’ll learn something as well. Much like anything in life, you’ll get more from DIP if you give it your best effort.

During the program, you’ll create a plan to help you avoid any further criminal charges. Statistics show participating in the program and following the plan will reduce the odds of getting a second OVI.

Additionally, some programs offer a certified course in defensive driving. Participating in this course may earn you a two-point credit on your driving record.


The duration of the program is 72 hours.


A variety of organizations offer the program. Most use hotels as a meeting place. If you’re not sure which program to choose, talk to your lawyer or visit a local courthouse for a list of possible dates and locations.


You’ll go over a variety of topics, such as:

  • Fines, jail time, and other consequences of driving under the influence;
  • The legal parameters for impairment;
  • How substance abuse and its consequences can worsen over time;
  • License revocation, suspension, and reinstatement possibilities; and
  • Treatment options for substance abuse and addiction.

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