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Ohio’s OVI Habitual Offender Registry

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In Ohio, being convicted of an OVI (operating a vehicle under the influence) is a serious crime. However, some drivers are convicted of the offense multiple times throughout the years. Drivers who are convicted of five or more OVIs not only face harsh punishments but are also put on the state’s OVI Habitual Offender Registry.

What is the Ohio OVI Habitual Offender Registry?

The Ohio OVI Habitual Offender Registry is an online search tool that allows anyone to publicly see drivers who have been convicted of five or more OVI offenses. The registry was established in 2008. Drivers who have five or more OVI convictions in the last 20 years, including at least one conviction since the registry was established, are included on the registry. Offenses that are more than 20 years old are not included on the list. The registry is maintained and updated weekly by the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

What is the Purpose of the Ohio OVI Habitual Offender Registry?

The main purpose of the Ohio OVI Habitual Offender Registry is to deter others from drinking and driving. As the registry is public, anyone can search for those who may be on the list. People who are just curious, too, could look at their county and see the names of offenders who live nearby. Lawmakers hoped that by having this registry readily available, others would not make a choice to be under the influence and drive.

Do Other States Have an OVI Habitual Offender Registry?

Ohio was the first state to create such a registry. There are other states, though, that are considering legislation to have similar registries.

Can You Be Removed From the OVI Habitual Offender Registry?

Some offenses can be expunged from criminal records in Ohio. Unfortunately, an OVI is not one of them. As such, the easiest way to be removed from the registry is to have a conviction more than 20 years old. Once a driver only has four convictions in the past 20 years, they will be removed from the registry. Those who are deceased are also removed from the registry.

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