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How Is Alimony Calculated in Ohio?

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Spousal support is usually one of the most difficult parts of a divorce after child custody. When a couple marries in Ohio, there’s an assumption that they’re contributing equally to the home (either through finances, taking care of children, or keeping the home).

Large differences in individual income can result in a great disparity or even financial dependence after a divorce. But how is the exact amount of spousal support determined? How is alimony calculated in Ohio?


Ohio child support has a strict formula for determining amounts based on both income and bonuses. Spousal support does not have the same standardization. Different couples earning the same income could have wildly varying amounts and timelines for spousal support.

Just a few factors that go into determining spousal support include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Individual income
  • Assets after the divorce
  • Completed education
  • Standard of living during the marriage
  • Stay-at-home parent status
  • Age and health of both partners

These factors and many others can all come into play during the divorce proceeding. There’s no way to know exactly how each factor will affect the divorce, which is why it’s best to let an experienced divorce attorney handle the negotiations. Depending on the circumstances, an attorney may even be able to reach an agreement where there are no spousal support payments.


If circumstances have changed since spousal support was determined, there may be an opportunity for an adjustment. This is usually because of a decrease in income, disability, illness, or increased cost of living. Anyone who believes they’re eligible for spousal support adjustments should contact an attorney immediately.

If you’re going through a difficult divorce, you may need legal representation. If you’d like an experienced Dayton divorce attorney from L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (937) 685-7006.