How Facebook Might Hurt Your Divorce Case

If you are going through a divorce, you need to be careful with the things you post on Facebook and other social media sites. Your social media pages can end up playing a major role in your case if you post the wrong thing. One survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, revealed that 81% of divorce attorneys say they have seen an increase in the amount of cases where social media evidence is used. In this blog, we explain some of the ways Facebook might hurt your divorce case.

Your Facebook Posts Can Be Used as Evidence

Anything you post to your Facebook page can potentially be used against you in court, even if what you post wasn’t meant for public viewing. Don’t be foolish and let your ex and other people obtain information that makes you look bad. This is why experienced lawyers tell their clients to avoid using social media until their divorce proceedings are wrapped up.


Remember, the internet is forever, so any scandalous details you reveal about your marriage or divorce proceedings can come back to haunt you later. Talking about your divorce online rarely results in anything good, and the last thing you need is a potential employer coming across Facebook posts that bashes your ex.

Your Posts Can Hurt Your Child Custody Argument

If you are worried about retaining custody of your children, then the last thing you want is your Facebook posts showing up in court. Remember, your ex’s attorney will look through all of your social media pages to collect anything that can be used to make you look like a bad parent.

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