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Drug Deaths in Ohio Increase Due to the Opioid Epidemic


In 2017, more than 13 people died each day due to drug overdoses, marking a new high as Ohio continues to battle the opioid epidemic. The increased death rate is likely due to more overdoses caused by fentanyl and Carfentanil mixed with cocaine and methamphetamine.

Ohio already has some of the highest fatal overdose numbers in the nation, and it’s only been growing in recent years:

  • 2014:  2,531 died
  • 2015: 3,050 people died
  • 2016: 4,050 people died

Before Gov. John Kasich left office, Ohio spent close to $1 billion to fight the drug epidemic and roughly $600 million on treatment

According to one report on overdose deaths for 2017:

  • 70.7% of drug deaths involved illegal fentanyl and Carfentanil
  • Cocaine deaths made up 30% of overdose deaths in the state
  • Meth accounted for just over 10% of overdose deaths
  • Deaths caused by heroin made up 31.6% of overdose deaths
  • 598 people died in Cuyahoga County due to drug overdoses
  • 239 people died in Summit County due to drug overdoses
  • 133 people died in Lorain County due to drug overdoses
  • Overdose deaths from prescription opioids decreased to 523

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