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Does Ohio Have a Definition of Consent?

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Consent: the word that decides if an act is legal or illegal. We continually hear about stories of people who take advantage of someone who does not consent to an act; however, how many of us know the definition of consent? Here’s a litmus test: did you know that most states have their own legal definition of consent? With this in mind, it’s crucial you find out if Ohio has its a legal definition of consent.

Definition of Consent in Ohio

In some states, the legislative branch attempts to define consent in its own legal terms. In Ohio, consent takes its definition from the dictionary’s “plain meaning.” Therefore, Ohio’s definition of consent is technically a standard dictionary definition of the word. However, consent still plays a vital role in criminal proceedings involving sex crimes.

Why Doesn’t Ohio Have Its Own Legal Definition of Consent?

Ohio doesn’t have its own definition of consent because consent will be dependent on the individual circumstances of the activity in question.

Some circumstances that can impact the determination of given consent include:

  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal) before and during the act;
  • Relationship status;
  • Relationship dynamic (boss-employee, teacher-student, etc.)
  • Intoxication.

As you can see, defining consent is not a black-and-white endeavor, which is why people rely on experienced criminal defense representation to make their case.

If you or a loved one are accused of sexual misconduct, an experienced sex crimes attorney can help you fight for your case.

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