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Legal Defense for Domestic Abuse Charges in Hamilton County

Domestic violence allegations in Ohio are serious matters, and they can pose severe penalties with far-reaching consequences. While law enforcement and prosecutors take a tough stance on cases and accusations involving domestic offenses, those who stand accused may have several options for defending themselves and pursuing the most positive resolution possible. Making the most of these opportunities and structuring a sound strategy can be done with the help of seasoned attorneys.

L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC is an Ohio-based criminal defense firm comprising nationally recognized attorneys who leverage decades of collective experience when fighting for individuals charged with all types of domestic crimes, from misdemeanor domestic violence to serious felonies and cases involving multiple charges. Out team knows we play an important role in protecting the rights of clients throughout all stages of the criminal justice process; we devote 100% of our efforts to fighting for our clients’ freedoms and futures.

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Understanding Ohio Domestic Violence Laws

Ohio Revised Code shapes the Domestic Violence laws under section 2919.25.

According to Ohio state laws, domestic violence includes:

  • Knowingly causing physical harm to a household or family member;
  • Attempting to cause physical harm to a household or family member;
  • Recklessly causing serious harm to a household or family member; and
  • Threatening a household or family member so as to create the belief of imminent physical harm.

One operative element of domestic violence laws is that they are committed against a household or family member, such as a spouse or former spouse, parent, sibling, co-habitating boyfriend or girlfriend, or roommate (among others).

Depending on the circumstances involved, a suspect accused of their first domestic violence offense against such a person can face first-degree misdemeanor charges or fourth-degree misdemeanor charges if the offense involved threatened physical harm.

Aggravated Domestic Violence Charges in OH

However, charges and penalties can be elevated for certain aggravating factors. For example, a previous domestic violence conviction can result in felony charges, and two prior convictions can result in third-degree felony charges, both of which are punishable by mandatory prison terms under the law.

Defenses & Resolution for Your Domestic Violence Charges in OH

By their nature, domestic violence cases can create challenges for both law enforcement/prosecutors and defense attorneys. Because domestic violence laws require officers to handle domestic disputes in a certain manner, arrests and allegations are also common, even when there remain many questions over what exactly transpired. There can also be issues involving the government’s burden of proving physical harm, attempted physical force, or threatening behavior, cases without witnesses, acts of self-defense, and false accusations.

Given these challenges, initiating a defense as soon as possible is critical to one’s case and its ultimate outcome. At L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC, our team is led by Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist L. Patrick Mulligan, who leverages his expertise in criminal law, insight as a former Montgomery County prosecutor, and decades of experience to evaluate our clients’ sides of the story, investigate claims and law enforcement protocol, and explore all available options, which can range from case dismissals to charge or penalty reductions, alternative sentencing, and, when necessary, trial.

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If you are facing domestic violence allegations, the time to protect your rights is now. L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC has extensive experience handling difficult criminal allegations, like domestic violence, and is prepared to utilize our insight to help you navigate the process and seek the most positive outcome possible. To request your free case evaluation with a Cincinnati domestic violence lawyer, contact us today. We serve clients in Southwest Ohio.

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