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Sex Crimes: What if a Minor Lies About Age?

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As far as the state of Ohio is concerned, anyone who is at least sixteen years old is capable of having consensual sexual relations, but this doesn’t stop underage people from having sex. While there is typically nothing wrong with consensual sexual relations, sleeping with a minor (even if it’s consensual) could result in criminal charges. However, could someone face criminal charges even if a minor lies about his or her age?

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Minors Lying About Age

If someone has sex with a minor who lied about his or her age, he or she could face criminal charges despite the deception. Minors who lie about their ages (in regards to sexual encounters specifically) have nothing to fear in regards to the law, which means older parties are the only ones who have to worry about criminal charges resulting from statutory rape scenarios.

Therefore, a minor lying about his or her age is not an automatic defense to a statutory rape case.

Do You Need Experienced Defense?

You may think that you’ll never be in the situation mentioned above, but with the invention of dating apps, its easier than ever to catfish someone for a good time. If you or a loved one is accused of sexual abuse, statutory rape, or any other sex crime, Patrick Mulligan & Associates can help you defend your rights.

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