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What to Do if You Are Arrested for DUI


Seeing the blue and red flashing lights behind you when you are driving can be frightening, especially when the officer pulled you over because they have a suspicion that you are driving drunk. When you are in this situation, it can be hard to know what to do. In this blog, we explain how to handle yourself if you are pulled over for a suspected DUI.

When you are first signaled to pull over, DO the following:

  • Slow down, use your turn signal, and pull over to the side of the road.
  • Put your car in park and turn off the engine.
  • Keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.
  • When asked, give the officer your driver's license, registration, and insurance card.
  • Be respectful when addressing the officer.

DON’T do the following if you are pulled over:

  • Try to have a conversation with the officer.
  • Answer questions such as, “Have you been drinking?” or “How much have you had to drink?”
  • Lie or argue with the officer.

DO these things if you are asked to take a field sobriety test:

  • Get out of your car if the officer asks you to.
  • Politely refuse any requests to take a field sobriety test.

Roadside sobriety tests are voluntary and it is within your rights to refuse them. Although you might think you can pass these tests, they are highly subjective and an officer can fail you for arbitrary reasons. These test are used to build the officers case for a DUI arrest, so it is in your best interest to refuse to submit to a field sobriety test.

If the police place you under arrest, DO NOT:

  • Argue with or resist officers.
  • Attempt to talk your way out of the situation.
  • Talk to officers on your way to the station.

DO the following things if you are arrested by police:

  • Cooperate and allow yourself to be handcuffed.
  • Assert your right to remain silent.
  • Demand to speak with your attorney, even if the officer doesn’t inform you about this right.

What to Do at the Police Station

  • Ask for an Attorney: Make this request when you arrive at the police station.
  • Ask for Privacy: Ask to be alone when speaking to your attorney so police can’t hear what you are discussing.
  • Don’t Answer Questions: Although an officer is supposed to inform you that you can choose to remain silent, this doesn’t always happen. Do not give up this right and only talk to your attorney about your case.

Once you are released from jail and you get back home, write down everything that you can remember about your arrest while the details are still fresh in your head. These details will be useful for your attorney when they start to build your defense strategy.

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