How Divorce Affects Men & Women Differently

We all deal with divorce uniquely. Sometimes the way we choose to react to our divorce fits into society’s gender norms and expectations. Other times, our reactions stray from these expectations. However, there are some consistent patterns and differences between the ways that men and women react to their divorce. In this blog, we talk about some of the key differences in how men and women cope with divorce.

Men Tend to Have More Difficulty Dealing with Divorce

Many men view themselves as the provider of their family. As a result they often bottle up their emotions and do not ask for help when they are having difficulty dealing with their divorce. This can lead some men to feel lost or depressed after their divorce is finalized.

Women tend to adjust to their divorce better than men do. One reason is that women often ask for the divorce more often than men do. Women are also more likely to point out marital issues, whereas men tend to ignore these issues and assume that everything is fine. As a result they have much more difficulty accepting that their marriage is really over.

Because of this, men often experience difficulty adjusting to their emotional issues, while women tend to experience less stress during the adjustment period. Men also tend to be more negative about divorce than women and often devote more effort towards salvaging the marriage, even though it has ended.

Men & Women Often Have Different Concerns After Divorce

After a couple is divorced, the concerns between men and women are drastically different, often because of social stigma and gender stereotypes. For example, working women who opt to place their children in daycare tend to receive less compassion than men who are in a similar positon. Because 65% of divorced mothers do not receive child support from their ex-spouse, they are likely to need financial help from social support systems and welfare agencies.

In general, men tend to remarry faster than women do. However, dads who spend more time with their children tend to be more compliant with their child support payments than dads who spend less time with their children.

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