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What Are the Penalties for a Fake ID in Ohio?


Having or using a fake ID carries serious legal consequences. Although many juveniles find it tempting to use a fake ID for what they might think are seemingly “innocent” or “victimless” crimes, getting caught with a fake ID is no laughing matter. When these people are caught using their fake IDs, they find themselves facing much more trouble than they might have anticipated. In this blog, we explain what the penalties are for using a fake ID in Ohio.

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Consequences of Using a Fake ID

According to Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.634., no one under the age of 21 is allowed to show or provide false information regarding their name or age in order to obtain alcohol. If you are caught using a fake ID to purchase or obtain alcohol, you will face a first-degree misdemeanor charge. This charge carries a fine of up to $1,000 or a full 12 months in jail. If you are caught using someone else’s ID, the real owner can possibly be subjected to a 12-month suspension of his or her license.

According to the Center for Student Legal Services at Ohio University:

The usual sentence in Athens, Ohio for a student who is not able to participate in the Municipal Court’s diversion program is a fine between $150 and $250, with court costs of $104 and up to 90 days jail time, suspended on the condition that the student remains law-abiding for two years and possibly completes a number of hours of community service.”

Not only is it illegal to use a fake ID in Ohio, but you could also be charged with fraud, even for possessing alcohol as a minor. The use of a fake ID might lead to your driver’s license being taken away as well.

While a minor who is caught using a fake ID can have their juvenile conviction expunged, the same can’t be said for people over the age of 18. If you are over the age of 18 and are convicted of a fake ID-related crime, it will follow you around for the rest of your life. This can have severe consequences when you apply for a job or school in the future. Furthermore, fraud-related crimes are often seen as “worse” because they demonstrate dishonesty and untrustworthiness.

If you have been caught using a fake ID, you should immediately consult with an experienced fake ID defense attorney to determine your legal options. Contact our Dayton team of criminal defense attorneys at (937) 685-7006 to get started on your case today.