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What Happens During a Federal Investigation?

Man in handcuffs being escorted by a federal agent

Getting arrested for any crime is a nerve-wracking experience. A suspect may be shocked to learn about being accused of a criminal manner and then focus on fighting the allegations. Those arrested for a federal crime need to keep in mind that several factors make this investigation different, and more serious, than a state investigation.

Federal Versus State Crimes

A federal investigation is a formal inquiry conducted by federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI or DEA. During a federal investigation, federal agents will gather evidence and information about the subject of the investigation to determine whether that person has committed any crimes.

A federal investigation is different from a state investigation because federal investigators have more tools and resources at their disposal. They can obtain search warrants and wiretaps, use surveillance techniques like undercover operations or asset seizures, and rely on federal prosecutors to bring criminal charges against the subject of an investigation. However, federal investigations are also generally longer and more complex than state investigations, so it is essential to work with a qualified legal professional who has experience handling federal cases.

Additionally, federal prosecutors play a role in federal investigations — unlike state investigations where only state prosecutors are involved.

If criminal charges are brought against the person under investigation, that person could face significant consequences such as fines, imprisonment, or deportation. Because of this, it’s crucial to understand what federal investigators are looking for and how they go about conducting their investigations.

How L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC Can Help

If you think you may be under federal investigation for any reason, it is important to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away. The team at L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC can protect your rights throughout the investigation process and ensure that your voice is heard during this critical time. We are available 24/7, so contact us right away so we can begin working on your criminal defense strategy.