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A Former Prosecutor Can Make A Difference On Your Case

Experience and credibility matter when you need a criminal or DUI lawyer. My name is Patrick Mulligan and I am a Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney in Dayton. As a former prosecutor for 6 years, and another 22 years as a Criminal Defense Attorney, I’ve accumulated skills that very few other attorneys in the Dayton area can claim. What that 28 years of criminal trial experience means to you is this….powerful representation for your criminal defense matter.

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When your future is on the line, you deserve an attorney who protects your rights, works with a passion for justice, and uses his experience as a former prosecutor to aggressively work on winning your case. We offer you nearly three decades of experience, and;

  • Are Certified in criminal law
  • Have a solid track record in achieving the best possible results
  • Is Licensed in the Supreme Court
  • Practices in state, federal and appeals courts

National Trial Lawyers Award Criminal Defense
L. Patrick Mulligan is board certified in the field of criminal law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. Law & Politics magazine recently named him an Ohio Super Lawyer and the National Trial Lawyers Association named him a Top 100 Trial in 2012. Our team handles all aspects of trial and appeals law. Call us for advice and representation in:

Criminal Defense



Traffic Law 

  • Driving without a license


If you do not see your specific type of case here, please call us anyway to schedule an appointment. We can inform you of your rights and options. Our attorneys have the resources and skill to go up against any prosecutor. We are specialists in criminal law with solid experience in family cases.

Criminal Law – Are you facing serious time behind bars for a violent crime, sex-related charges, weapons, assault or domestic violence? Do you stand accused of driving under the influence? We work hard to defend the innocent, uncover procedural mistakes that can derail a case, seek reductions in charges and sentences, and propose plea negotiations when possible.

Federal Defense – Penalties are extremely harsh, and plea bargaining is challenging in federal cases. Therefore, it is very important to hire a highly skilled federal defense team right away –even if you only suspect you are being investigated. We know the strategies of U.S. government prosecutors, and we exhaust every possible means to counter them.

Minors– We also take on cases involving juveniles accused of crimes. Second chances are possible for young people who make youthful mistakes, and we work diligently to seek the best outcome in each client’s situation.

If you are in trouble, protect your rights with a forceful, credible Dayton criminal defense attorney. Schedule a free consultation with L. Patrick Mulligan and Associates today.

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The discussion on this web page is for informational purposes only and does not reflect the promise of an outcome of any future case handled by L. Patrick Mulligan and Associates.


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