Am I Under Federal Investigation?

Most crimes that are committed in Ohio are violations of state law. This means these cases are handled by state law enforcement and prosecuted in state court.

However, there are many crimes that fall under both state and federal law. Additionally, there are fewer criminal offenses only under federal law since federal lawmakers can only pass laws when there is some national interest at stake.

The following are several signs that a criminal case will be heard in federal court:

  • Federal authorities are handling the case – If a person has been contacted or visited by federal law enforcement agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), or Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), then you are under federal investigation. Additionally, these agencies have extensive resources at their disposal compared to state authorities.
  • The crime occurred on federal land or property – From committing a robbery at a federal bank to assaulting someone on a U.S. military base, any crime that happens on federal grounds will result in federal charges.
  • The crime spanned multiple states – For instance, a wire fraud scheme that involves multiple perpetrators and victims in more than one state.
  • The crime crossed state lines – For example, a person kidnaps someone in one state but takes them to another to avoid local authorities.
  • The crime violated customs and immigration laws – Common examples include false declarations, exporting violations, import violations, and human smuggling or trafficking.

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