Common Holiday Crimes in Ohio

From gift exchanges to festive gatherings with friends, family, and coworkers, there is plenty of joy and cheer to share during the holidays. However, the season is also associated with a rise in criminal activity.

Most of these offenses often deal with poor decisions or theft. By knowing how these crimes are prevented, you can avoid spending your holidays behind bars.

The following are the most common holiday crimes in Ohio:

  • DUI – Holiday parties often involve alcohol, which is why there is an increase in drunk driving accidents and DUI arrests starting from Thanksgiving Eve (Black Wednesday) until New Year’s Day. Police departments throughout the state will send more officers on patrols and DUI checkpoints to deter drunk driving. If you decide to have a few drinks at a party, avoid driving home drunk or buzzed by finding a designated driver, catching a ride through Uber or Lyft, or spend the night at a friend’s place or a hotel room.
  • Sexual assault – Alcohol consumption can also loosen inhibitions and make people behave more inappropriately, resulting in sexual misconduct. Additionally, women who consume an excessive amount of alcohol put themselves at greater risk of becoming a victim. Whenever you are at a holiday party, limit the number of drinks you have and know that inappropriate behavior can ruin your personal life and professional reputation.
  • Domestic violence – Since many people spend more time with family during the holidays then any time of year, the stress of the season and unresolved issues can lead to acts of domestic violence. Unfortunately, a simple misunderstanding or a fight that results in instant regret can lead to serious criminal penalties. If you have unresolved family issues, it’s best to speak to a professional about them.
  • Shoplifting – Many people throughout the country will flock to malls to buy gifts for their loved ones, resulting in overcrowded stores and distracted workers, which are conditions shoplifters take advantage of. Remember, while workers or security may not catch you in the act, there might be cameras throughout the store and even in the parking area. Law enforcement officials can review the footage, obtain your vehicle’s license plate number, and show up at your front door ready to arrest you.
  • Burglary – Since families often take a road trip or go on vacation to visit loved ones in other cities, states, or countries, many homes are left empty for long periods of time. Since such conditions can lead to burglary, many homeowners equip their homes with doorbell cameras and security systems, as well as ask their neighbors to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

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