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3 Ways Pictures of an Ex Could Result in Criminal Charges

Are you currently facing criminal charges for possessing or attempting to distribute lewd pictures? If this is the case, you need the services of a Dayton criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

However, some people may have or use lewd pictures in illegal ways without even realizing it. The textbook definition of lewd is "crude and offensive in a sexual way." If you possess such images of someone else, your best bet is to erase them before they get you in trouble.

Lewd pictures can result in criminal penalties in three ways: keeping pics of an underage ex, posting or sharing pics without the model’s consent, or threatening to post someone’s lewd pictures in an attempt to blackmail them.

Having a Lewd Picture of an Underage Ex

If your ex was under the legal age of consent, you could wind up in serious trouble merely by possessing a lewd picture of him or her. You don't even have to share it to get into trouble; you only have to have it on your person or among your things. Therefore, immediately delete any pics you may have of an underage ex (even if you are in your teens).

Attempting to Blackmail Someone Through a Lewd Picture

If you try to blackmail your ex by threatening to leak lewd pictures of him or her, this could result in criminal charges. This form of blackmail or extortion is a serious offense, the penalties for which are severe.

Sharing a Lewd Picture with Other People

If you have shared a lewd picture of your ex with other people, this could result in criminal charges. Sharing, in this case, means giving the image to other people, such as family members or friends, whether by hand or through email or other social media channels. It can also mean sharing the picture on the web, whether on Reddit, Facebook, online porn sites, or any other domain.

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