Child Custody Arrangements for the Holidays

Although the holiday season is the time of year when most families get together for celebrations, it can also be a can be very stressful time for divorced parents. One of the biggest sources of conflict for divorced couples during the holidays is figuring out a fair custody schedule that will allow both parents to spend time with their children. In this blog, we explain a few ways you can avoid child custody disputes during the holidays.

Check Your Custody Order

Before you start making plans for the holidays, take a close look at your child custody order to determine the limitations you must adhere to. Your custody order is a legally binding document, which means you can face severe consequences if you violate your custody arrangement. If your holiday plans conflict with the custody order, you need to speak with your ex to see you if you can come up with a possible resolution.

Discuss Your Plans with Your Ex

Don’t let your ex find out about your holiday plans through your children. If you will be traveling for the holidays, you need to give your ex enough time to make any necessary changes to their schedule. If you wait too long to discuss your plans, you will likely find yourself in a heated dispute with your ex.

Be Flexible

It’s normal for both parents to want to spend extra time with their children over the holidays. Be flexible and do not immediately shoot down your ex if they make such a request. If altering the custody schedule won’t be too much of a hassle, consider letting your kids spend extra time with the other parent. Being flexible during the holidays can also come in handy if you need to request extra time with the kids in the future.

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