Why Are There More DUI Arrests During the Summer?

Now that the summer is in full swing and the teenagers are home from school, they will likely be going to more fun activities and parties. However, the period of time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered by police to be the “100 deadliest days” for teenage drivers.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), “a higher volume of holiday travelers, including a significantly higher number of alcohol-impaired drivers, cause nearly twice the number of automotive deaths during summer months than during the rest of the year combined.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that nearly 6% of teenager who are 16 and 17, and over 15% of those between the age of 18 and 20, have reported driving under the influence. With 9 of the 10 deadliest days of the year falling within the 100 days in the summer, you can expect to see more police officers on the lookout for drunk and impaired drivers. Below, we explain why there are more DUI arrests in the summer.

Increased Law Enforcement

Police will increase their efforts to catch drunk drivers by adding to the number of officers patrolling the streets. Law enforcement agencies will also set up DUI checkpoints on major roads throughout the city during the summer, especially near events that draw large crowds of people. Law enforcement is particularly looking for the following signs of a drunk driver:

  • Speeding
  • Braking too frequently
  • Swerving into other lanes

If you go out this summer and have a few drinks, don’t get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. If you are too drunk to drive, use a designated driver or rideshare service like Lyft or Uber to get yourself home.

Summer Heat & Alcohol Don’t Mix

Because the temperatures can be extremely high during the summer, we tend to consume more liquids to quench our thirst. Consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages in the summer heat can drain your body of the fluids it needs to keep you hydrated. Sometimes, people will drink alcohol too quickly because they are hot, and end up becoming quickly inebriated without even realizing it. This means many drivers get behind the wheel before the effects of the alcohol fully hits them, which can be dangerous for other drivers on the road.

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