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What's the Difference Between a DUI and a Wet Reckless?

A wet reckless is a reduced plea deal for drivers charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Instead of pleading guilty to a DUI, a driver may plead to a wet reckless and evade the harsh consequences of a DUI conviction. A wet reckless plea agreement can reduce the amount of points on your license, keep you out of jail, and minimize the fines you are required to pay.

While some states do not recognize wet reckless plea arrangements, drivers facing DUI charges in Ohio are able to pursue this particular form of DUI mitigation. However, drivers pursuing a wet reckless in place of a DUI should know this is a plea deal, which means it is intended to weaken the blow but not necessarily remove the possibility of serious consequences. With that said, drivers making a wet reckless plea bargain will likely still be subject to some consequences, such as fines, points on their license, educational courses on alcohol and reckless driving, and more. A wet reckless will also be treated as a first offense for drivers who are later brought to court for DUI again, and the penalties of a DUI conviction following a wet reckless plea agreement will be the same as that of a second DUI offense.

If you have been arrested and charged for driving under the influence, penalties and fines are not all you have to worry about. You will also have criminal charges on your record, and you could be subject to significantly increased insurance rates when your charges are reported to your insurance provided. Our Dayton DUI defense attorneys at L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, LLC are capable, willing, and ready to help you defend your DUI charges. It is our mission to make sure you get the best outcome possible.

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