NAFDD Recognizes L. Patrick Mulligan As Among Top DUI Attorneys in Ohio

Attorney L. Patrick Mulligan was recently identified as one of the top DUI attorneys in Ohio by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD), an organization that awards the nation’s best private DUI attorneys. This is the fourth consecutive year that Mr. Mulligan has been honored with this distinction.

A highly specialized field, DUI defense requires the expertise of a highly skilled attorney who knows how to effectively navigate complex legal issues, including the lawfulness of stops, detentions, and arrests, the accuracy of chemical tests, the reliability of field sobriety tests, and much more. In order to be selected as one of the top DUI attorneys in Ohio, an attorney must have extensive knowledge in each of these and other areas and devote a significant portion of their practice to representing individuals who have been accused of driving under the influence.

Mr. Mulligan was chosen based on his experience, reputation, achievements, and various other factors, including case results, jury trial experience, bench trial experience, DUI publications and presentations, length of time in practice, peer and client reviews, and more.

The NAFDD list of top DUI attorneys validates professional excellence in the legal community, providing prospective clients with a valuable resource for identifying and researching experienced and competent legal counsel. For more information on the NAFDD, please visit

Mr. Mulligan has been practicing law since 1984 and is a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy. During his time in practice, he has represented countless Ohioans who have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He is committed to pursuing favorable results for each and every one of his clients. To schedule a consultation with Dayton DUI attorney L. Patrick Mulligan, please contact our firm at (937) 685-7006. We’re available 24/7 to take your call.