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Post Conviction Relief

If your trial resulted in an unfair verdict or an excessive sentence, contact a criminal appeals lawyer from our firm. Even if the ruling of the court was based on a guilty plea, you are entitled to contest the outcome of the judgment.
Criminal Appeals
Legal technicalities and judicial oversights are real, they happen, and we are here to help you seek justice when they do. Call today – the initial call is free!

In Dayton, OH, call 937-228-9790 for a criminal appeals lawyer.

Our firm can provide you with the criminal appeals lawyer representation that you need to aggressively and resolutely prepare and present your brief to the state and federal appellate courts for review. You don’t need to simply accept the verdict and sentencing, when you know that justice has not been served… should investigate appealing a criminal conviction.

Speaking with a criminal appeals lawyer may help to ease your mind if you know a guilty verdict was wrong. A petition to the higher courts can reveal the inadequacies and misinterpretations of the law that occurred during your trial, which may help you obtain a reversal, a new trial or even a dismissal of all of the charges brought against you.
Appealing a Criminal Conviction
The appellate courts will examine your trial record to ensure:

  • That you were provided with proper Procedural Due Process, which means that they will be looking for any infringements upon your Constitutional rights;
  • That you were provided with proper Substantive Due Process, which means that they will be looking for any indications that you were imprisoned without the necessary evidence to prove that you were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt;
  • That there were no occurrences of fundamental or harmful errors during your trial, and;
  • That there were no misinterpretations of the laws or abuses of power from the bench.
  • Your criminal appeals lawyer can discuss each of the elements that the appellate judges will examine, in addition to the points that will be raised in the brief that will be prepared for the proceeding.

The task of your criminal appeals lawyer is to examine the proceedings of your original trial and demonstrate to the state or Federal Criminal Appeals court, that there were legal shortcomings, oversights and misinterpretations of the laws that resulted in an improper verdict in your case. Unlike the trial courts, the appellate panel does not hear new testimony or allow the admission of new evidence. Their task is simply to review the arguments and the records to determine whether or not there were, in fact, legal errors made in the course of the original trial.
Best Criminal Appeals Lawyer
A criminal appeals lawyer from our firm can petition the higher courts and fight for the justice that you deserve. Through the appeals process, we may be able to secure:

  • A reversal of the verdict of the trial courts, which can result in your freedom.
  • A reversal and remand, which means that the original verdict of the trial courts is overturned and you will receive a new trial

In Dayton, OH, call 937-228-9790 for a Criminal Appeals Lawyer

We can provide a criminal appeals lawyer in Dayton, Springfield, Fairborn, Xenia, Miamisburg, Lebanon, Hamilton, Vandalia, Troy and Kettering and Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Logan, Shelby, Butler, Darke, Preble, Clark & Clinton Counties. No legal firm or attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case. However, at L. Patrick Mulligan & Associates, we are passionate about your rights, and we will gladly provide you with a free evaluation of your case.

If you need Post Conviction Relief Attorneys in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Logan, Shelby, Darke, Preble, Clark or Clinton County, Ohio, call us at (937) 228-9790.

For more information on criminal appeals, see the Ohio Revised Code for Post Conviction Relief